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Pluck It is a game about going through a weird journey of hair plucking. In this journey, you will experience all kinds of emotions as you pluck hairs. Do you remember when was the last time your felt these emotions?


Some hairs are more moody and you will need to use your creativity and imagination to pluck them. Can you calm down a hair on fire? Can you stop the hair from procrastinating?

  •  Maybe the weirdest game you ever played.

  •  Pluck a lot of hairs. A lot.

  •  Experience over 30 different emotions.

  •  Your creativity and imagination will be tested.

  •  Easter egg is included? Are you CURIOUS?

  •  Completely free with no advertisement. Pay what you want.

Emotional Awareness

Pluck it is made with the purpose of promoting self awareness and emotional awareness of people's everyday life in the information age.

​In this busy digital era which all kinds of things try to attract our attention, sometimes we have little or no time to understand and take care of our emotions and mental health. Pluck It brings this topic to you in a fun way.

Pluck It also attempts to inspire players to develop empathy and to resolve emotional conflicts.

Pluck It is designed and created by Feeling Game Company

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