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Pluck It Presskit


  • Unique and intriguing hair plucking interactive experience

  • Experience over 30 different emotions of different hairs

  • Funny puzzle solving experience

  • Humorous narrative voice over

  • An easter egg (secret level about Curious)

  • Completely free to play with no advertisement. Pay what you want.

Basic info

  • Designed and created by a one man studio (Jacky Chou) in Hong Kong

  • Price: 0 (no advertisement, pay what you want)

  • Gameplay length is about 30 minutes

  • Game genre: interactive experience/puzzle solving/game with purpose

  • Available on the App Store July 20th 2018

  • Public Beta on Google Play Store July 20th 2018. Official release on late Sep 2018.

  • Press contact:

Game with purpose

Pluck it is made with the purpose of promoting self awareness and emotional awareness of people's everyday life in the information age.

In this busy digital era which all kinds of things try to attract our attention, sometimes we have little or no time to understand and take care of our emotions and mental health. Pluck It brings this topic to you in a fun way.


Pluck It also attempts to inspire players to develop empathy and to resolve emotional conflicts.


Pluck It is a game about going through a weird journey of hair plucking. In this journey, players experience all kinds of emotion as they pluck hairs in unique and funny ways.


Pluck It consists of over 30 different levels of emotional gameplay. And there all sorts of hairs each carry different emotions, including an angry hair set on fire, joyful dancing hairs and crying hairs. Some emotions are more difficult to deal with as players will need to use their creativity and mindfulness to resolve the emotions.


The hair plucking mechanic is the main from interaction for players to interact with the hairs. Players need to use two finger to pluck the hair, just like how it is in the real world. This physics based interaction brings some playful and funny moments for players.



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About the creator

Pluck It is designed and created by Jacky Chou. Jacky has been working in the game industry in Hong Kong for the last 2 years. He quitted his full time job as a programmer earlier this year and founded Feeling Game Company in the pursuit of creating games that are not just fun to play, but also inspires players. Pluck It is the debut work of Feeling Game Company.


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